I live in the region – my business operates locally, my children are in school in the area and we also play sport and spend our leisure time in and about our local world.


Choose a candidate who represents the community in the council chambers – rather than a political agenda. As a grass roots level of government all representations are better delivered with the community at the forefront.


I am a candidate with senior experience in local, state and Federal governments across urban, regional and remote Australia. This means I am well positioned to hit the ground running and navigate through the challenges.


Choose a representative who is qualified in business and management. Strong analytical skills means I am better able to develop an evidence-based approach to supporting our community.


Councillors can only be truly effective when they understand and are interested in the broader regional and national landscape. My experience means I have connections and information that will help drive positive outcomes for our community of villages.  


Since arriving on the Sunshine Coast in 2016 I have taken up various opportunities to support our communities through ongoing volunteering roles. Volunteering is an important aspect of our genuine commitment to the communities we live in – and a valuable way to learn and connect.

About Me

I’m a mum of six and award winning business owner who is passionate about building sustainable regions and communities.

I’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity to live across many regions in Australia and to work in many exciting roles. My original career was in finance and I shifted into journalism in my mid-20s. Like many other women I’ve had to combine a working life with being a mum and also trying to remain active in my community.

In 2016, after four years in SA and NSW, we decided to move back to Queensland. We decided as a family that the Sunshine Coast offered a wonderful lifestyle and also diverse opportunities that meant my youngest two children would have many choices in their futures.

Professionally, I’ve worked as an advisor, strategic planner and manager in local government bodies in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. I’ve also worked for various state and Federal agencies in QLD, the Northern Territory, SA and NSW. I actively pursued these various roles as I wanted to learn as much as I could about as many different portfolios as possible. The more diverse our knowledge, the greater the contribution we can make to our communities. This is why I have also spent the past decade studying business management, innovation and entrepreneurship and business research. I am working towards bringing my professional and learning experiences together to help build a future for the community that I live in that we can all be proud of.

I’ve also taken the time to become involved in volunteering and networking – and on the Sunshine Coast I support a number of business networks – understanding that small businesses are the heart and soul of our community. It’s a busy life – and a rewarding one.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about who I am.

What matters to you?

Tell me about the key issues you would like your local representative to address