During political campaigns – even at a local government election level – a lot of big promises are made.

How do you know whether to trust those promises? Ask the right questions – as voters it’s up to you to make well informed decisions.

What are those questions?

– Is your promise part of the responsibility of local government (meaning it has the power to make decisions in this area)?

– How much will this promise cost?

– Where will the money come from – and what will be the impact on rates

– How have you as a candidate engaged with the community to confirm that this promise is a priority for the community (community transparency).

– How will you get the other councillors around the table to agree with your proposal?

Candidates who are serious about honesty, integrity and about responsibly representing you and the whole Sunshine Coast community will be able to properly answer these questions.

It’s all too easy to make big and unscoped promises – but this is why we have such a distrust of the people who sit in decision-making positions. We jump in and believe whatever we are told in good faith. We need to be smarter than that.

Before we are swept up in grand gestures and promises – remember the partnership between a community and its elected members may be like a marriage – we get the partner that we deserve. Due diligence is a must!!!!