DID you know that one of the biggest contracts any council signs off on is waste management? And that the Sunshine Coast Council will need to determine our future waste management priorities with an incoming contract due within the next year?

These contracts often extend for a number of years – and throughout that time new technologies and innovations often mean that by the end of the contract that the system we are using is out of date.

I’ve worked for a number of councils over the decades and waste treatment and water use are among my areas of interest.

Did you know that our Green Waste bin is probably well out of step with other waste collection systems across Australia?

Many councils now have an ORGANICS WASTE COLLECTION – where our green bins are also used to collect other items such as food scraps, meat leftover, bones, eggshells and seafood shells and scraps. This is all used to develop composting materials.

It’s of critical importance that our incoming councillors have the knowledge and skills to be able to assess the waste management possibilities that are before us.

As a community, now is the time for us to learn about and consider the decisions before us.

I’ve included some information of a typical organics waste collection from another Australian council.

So… who would support a strategy where the Sunshine Coast seeks to become a leader in waste management – really showing that we are healthy, smart and creative?