What are the most important skills and atrributes for your Sunshine Coast Council candidates to have to be effective in supporting their division and the broader Sunshine Coast Council community?

Stepping into a role as councillor is a complex and demanding one.

Understanding the concept of the ‘separation of
powers’ and the difference between strategic matters
of council and the day-to-day operational business is critical.

Experience in developing, understanding and defending or arguing effectively about budgets, strategic plans, proposals and more is essential.

We have three levels of government in Australia, each with particular mandated responsibilities. Candidates therefore should have a clear understanding of the varied reponsibilities of each level of government – in particular when making election promises. Making a pledge to investing in resolving an issue or pursuing an opportunity that is not the responsibility of local government is fraught with danger – why should ratepayers meet the cost twice over of an issue?

Candidates should research and ensure the feasibility of campaign promises and be clear about the impact these promises will have on ratepayers. Promises often cost money – and therefore the funding of promises should be part of the election campaigning discussions.

At its core, local government has the following primary responsibilities:

Environmental management
Local planning schemes
Waste collection
Community facilities
Parks recreation
Local roads

To responsibly manage ratepayers money, as the representative for the Division 5 community, I will focus on ensuring these core responsibilities are delivered in a cost effective and best practice manner.

Any additional projects or initiatives that I support will be community driven and with the financial impact to ratepayers being top of mind.

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