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Experienced across local, state and Federal government

Community engagement expert

Qualified small business leader

Active volunteer


Community – Environment – Economy


Community connectivity is central to the development of a sustainable, healthy and vibrant region. I have 25 years experience in developing community engagement and inclusion, including developing place-making initiatives, walkways and community precincts, improved swimming centres, sustainability projects for community and more. Several of the focus areas I will progress with our community include:

  • Improve street and township signage
  • Build on the road surfacing program across the region
  • Ensure upgrades of playgrounds. gardens, and the creation of dedicated dog parks,
  • Improve connectivity through the network of walkways and cycleways
  • Enhance safety in and around local schools and residential streets
  • Host regular community forums and develop a detailed approach to community engagement and transparency 
  • Support community groups and initiatives
  • Evolve our visitor information centres and community destinations to ensure their continued relevance
  • Build our sports and recreation network including facilities and programs
  • Advocate for improved facilities and programs to support health and wellbeing

Our Division 5 villages stand above and apart from our coastal friends. The cultural and environmental aspects of our hinterland communities are to be treasured, enhanced and protected. In addition, our community has a broader responsibility to also ensure we are individually and collectively supporting our environment. I believe we are in a climate emergency and there are a number of actions I am proposing we deliver as part of a broader strategy.


I will work towards improved management of noxious weeds and native flora and fauna. Improved bushland management to protect homes and our native species will also be a key focus I will bring to our hinterland villages and community.


Our local river systems, creeks and dams are important habitats and sources of water for our community. I will work collaboratively with key agencies and groups to ensure our water catchments remain healthy and sustainable.


I will support council developing better ways to manage our waste – including the use of organics waste collections and materials recycling facilities. I will also advocate for finding ways to reuse products – such as tyres, plastics and glass for road and footpath base

Environmental Priorities – simple actions for change




  • Introduce electric vehicle council fleet
  • Incentivise staff to carpool
  • Reduce staff travel for meetings
  • Ensure all computers etc are turned off across all offices at the end of each day 
  • The use of electric bikes and scooters for short distance travel
  • Reduce paper waste production for reports etc – policy and KPIs should be around print reduction
  • Use local contractors 
  • Design an internal waste management strategy for the council operations that has reduction targets and evidence of achieving it
  • Consider ways in which office design can be developed to reduce the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning
  • Work with Unity Water to redirect effluent away from release to the ocean to instead be treated to a fit-for-purpose standard to be used for drip feed irrigation in sports fields and council gardens. 
  • Develop a greater focus on ensuring council’s preferred suppliers and contractors to ensure these businesses are actively pursuing methods to reduce their footprint. This may include initiatives such as travel, print or electricity reduction. 
  • Develop partnerships with Unity Water to harness stormwater and reclaimed water for drip irrigation
  • Consider how council can tap into the circular economy with industry leaders across waste management. Some examples would include recycling tyres, plastics and glass to use in road base and pathways. We are significantly behind other councils and regions across Australia in terms of waste management. 
  • Consider environmental and agricultural land management in particular focusing on strategies that will help us protect our native environment while also supporting our agricultural sector. 
  • Encouraging and showcasing developments that have low environmental impact and are innovative in terms of their outputs as well. There are some interesting international examples of this in action.
  • Work with residents and our local businesses to help build capability and responsibility – we are all responsible in addressing the impacts of climate change. 
  • Educate through schools program – students often influence the behaviour of families
  •  Develop a Sustainability Street program – working with average households and helped them develop a range of sustainability measures to save electricity and water usage and also  reduce their waste production. As part of the Sunshine Coast’s broader waste management activities I will be advocating for actions such as these that mean everyone is taking action to reduce waste.
  • Waste Management – introduce an organics collection
  • Incentivise community members who manage their own organic waste through composting
  • Further the approach to self sustainable electricity production. The movie 2040 has shown some interesting concepts around how to achieve this. 

Our Economy

With one in five of our workforce self employed a focus on supporting our business and economy is critical. Small business is the heart of our community. With this in mind I am a long term volunteer and mentor in the small business community. Since arriving on the Sunshine Coast I have actively supported as a volunteer and committee member the Glasshouse, Caloundra and Montville Chambers of Commerce. I also supported and volunteered with the Sunshine Coast Chamber Alliance and help mentor business startups.

  • I will work to secure a dedicated business development facilitator for the region – such as in Caloundra. This council officer is a resource that designs and delivers initiatives hand in hand with the business community to help our businesses grow
  • I will work to improve the accessibility of council’s preferred suppliers list – helping businesses across our region successfully win council work
  • I will work to ensure our smallest of businesses that are often subcontractors in council projects are protected with receiving contractor payments
  • I will work to create opportunities to showcase our hinterland communities as experience destinations – for instance bringing together the Food and Agribusiness Network, Hinterland Tourism and our chambers of commerce to create a food and experience trail
  • I will work towards developing a concept to capture our visitor market towards investing in our region – tapping into the opportunities that our business and holiday makers represent. These people are our potential business champions, business partners or future investors. This initiative will target visitors with the aim of seeking quality investment into the region – through information, education, experiences, famils and more.
  • Community engagement and transparency are issues that are consistently mentioned by the people I have visited. Aside from the opportunities forum I will ensure our council works with our business communities in advance of any project or initiative that is being undertaken in order to minimise interruption to business.